[PC] Chinese Opera, Shanghai

Kartu pos pertama dari China datang, yeayyy! Yanzhu, couchsurfer yang tinggal di Sanghai ngirim postcard bergambar Chinese Opera, gambarnya lucu warna-warni. *Jadi inget sinetron2 China jadul semacam Putri Huan Zhu gitu deh*

Btw, seneng deh nerima pesannya Yanzhu, kayaknya dia itu orang yang positif dan suka senyum hehehe 😀 . Yanzhu bilang, kalo ke Shanghai musti nonton Chinese opera ini, karena beda sama opera2 yang ada di Italia sana. Baiklah…tunggu saya ya Opera 🙂

Chinese Opera from Shanghai

This English text below is not the exact translation of the text above.

The first PC from China arrived last Friday, yeayyy!! Thanks to Yanzhu from Shanghai for sending me this colorful cute Chinese opera PC. I was not very familiar about Chinese opera yet, only know some of Chinese influenced puppet show in Indonesia named Wayang Potehi or Glove Puppetry which still exists until now, And of course, the Barongsai or Lion dance, the most popular part of Chinese culture in Indonesia (I guess) since its presence in every Chinese New Year   celebration.

Thankyou Yanzhu, you are also always welcomed in Indonesia 😀 **big smile**

4 thoughts on “[PC] Chinese Opera, Shanghai

  1. I saw that,but i don’t know what do you written. I guess means you love that card. I though after this year and i collect my money, then i will have a travel.Maybe i can fly to Indonesia and meet you & my friend.

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